San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro shares goals for third term

Mayor Castro wants San Antonio to become 21st century city


SAN ANTONIO – Mayor Julian Castro wasted little time declaring victory on election night, sending out a "Thank You" tweet to San Antonio just 33 minutes after polls closed across the city. 

Two years after receiving 81 percent of the vote, Castro took 66 percent, but still won handily over six challengers. 

Castro delivered the keynote address at UTSA's afternoon graduation ceremony on Monday and spoke afterward about his priorities for his third term.

"I want to keep ensuring that we grow jobs in San Antonio and attract jobs here so we're going to be focused on economic development, ensure that we work with our school districts to produce the most well educated students that we can, and then also make San Antonio more fun and livable by investing in our parks and urban core," Castro said. 

Castro can still serve one more term after this new one. He said he wants a legacy that is more felt than seen.

"A lot of politicians like to stick their name on something they can put their name on or throw a stone at. That's not what's most important for a city," Castro said. "What's more important is that you have more people that can reach their dreams."

The mayor touched on education multiple times and talked about lessons he has learned over his four years as mayor.

"First, you have to be willing to work with anyone and everyone to get things done, and secondly, you have to dream big and work hard to get there," he said. "I've tried to set bold goals for myself and for the city and work as hard as we can to get there."

Castro is seen by many as a rising star in the Democratic party, particularly after serving as keynote speaker at last year's Democratic National Convention. 

He's already said he doesn't plan to run for Governor next year and seems content with his station in life for now.

"I'll be here in San Antonio for quite a while if the voters will have me, and then after that I'll look around and see what's possible out there," he said.

If re-elected in 2015, Castro would be the first person to serve eight consecutive years as mayor in San Antonio since Henry Cisneros did between 1981-1989.

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