San Antonio Tea Party group claims they were targeted by IRS

Allegations include intimidation, intrusive questioning


SAN ANTONIO – The president of a San Antonio Tea Party group claims IRS workers tried to intimidate him and other members with excessive paperwork and intrusive questioning.

George Rodriguez, President of South Texas Alliance, says he can't believe the Internal Revenue Service has been targeting conservative groups, like the tea party.

"We received a questionnaire that was 50 pages," said Rodriguez. "It was asking all sorts of things from who did we meet with to who attended our meetings and how much money individuals had given in their names."

Rodriguez said there are roughly 15,000 Tea Party members in the Alamo City. He believes the IRS attacked conservative groups like his so they would have less impact on people.

The IRS has since apologized for going after groups with the words Tea Party and Patriot for audit.

Rodriguez, as well as Tea Party members at the top, said an apology isn't enough.

They want a full investigation by Congress and they want to know where it all started from.