Former Edgewood PTA president accused of theft

Fabian Ybarra accused of stealing $1,800 from Loma Park Elementary School PTA fund

SAN ANTONIO – Roughly $1,800 dollars has been drained from the Loma Park Elementary School PTA fund and the PTA's former president, Fabian Ybarra, has been accused in the theft.

"We did these fundraisers, we did dances, the kids they paid -- I mean, we bought snacks so they can buy them and it turned out to be a big thing for the kids," said Loma Park Elementary School Treasurer Sylvia Gonzales. "I called the bank and we spoke to one of the managers and they said he had done the electronic. It went to his personal account."

According to Gonzales, Ybarra had not been carrying his weight recently.

She said he was asked to step down a couple months ago, but refused.

A short time later, money that was held in a joint school account reportedly had been transferred to his personal account.

"I don't have the details on what the investigation was, but apparently this individual admitted to taking those funds," said Edgewood ISD spokesman Roland Martinez.

The money was supposed to help fund field trips and the fifth graders' end-of-year banquet. 

"We're just going do the best that we can and the principal said that they'll put in the rest whatever they need," Gonzales said. 

Ybarra was removed as PTA president following the incident two months ago and Gonzales said she hasn't seen him since.

"Once this was brought to our attention, we worked with our district police and, subsequently, with the legal system to bring charges and recovery and closure to this incident," Martinez said.

Martinez reports the district has turned the case over to the Bexar County District Attorney's Office to recover the roughly $1,800 that is still missing from the PTA fund.

The KSAT Defenders left messages for Ybarra Wednesday afternoon that were not returned.

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