Neighbor shoots, kills robbery suspect in northwest San Antonio

Box labeled 'Anthrax Inside' discovered in suspect's car after shooting


SAN ANTONIO – A box found in the car of a robbery suspect who was shot and killed by the neighbor of a man he tried to rob caused even more alarm in a Northwest Side neighborhood early Thursday morning.

San Antonio police said shortly after 1 a.m., a firefighter found the box, which was marked "Anthrax Inside," inside the trunk of the suspect's car.

Neighbors in the 8900 block of Hambledon Drive were ordered to remain indoors while a hazardous materials team examined it.

"It was scary," said Crystal Lozano, who lives across the street. "Seeing the guys in the HazMat suits down the street, and suiting up and walking down. I mean, it was really scary. "

Investigators tested a powdery residue in the box, but determined it was not harmful, police said.

Officers and firefighters originally were on the scene for a report of a shooting.

Police said the suspect in his 20s followed a man home with plans to rob him.

As the resident was handing over his TV and other valuables to the suspect in his garage, his next-door neighbor showed up with a shotgun and shot the suspect three times, police said.

"Large booms, yeah, pops go off," said Matthew Lozano, who was describing the shots that woke him up. "I looked outside through my window and saw the commotion. Things like this don't happen here. It's a quiet neighborhood."

Detectives said they found the would-be robber, dressed in a bullet-proof vest with a gun at his side, lying dead on the floor of the garage.

As of noon Thursday, authorities had not released his name.

Police said the man who fired the shot gun blasts most likely will not face charges because he was protecting his neighbor.

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