Reported mountain lion snags homeowner's dog

Big cat spotted in Dominion neighborhood


SAN ANTONIO – A homeowner in the Dominion neighborhood claims his small dog was snatched up by an animal that appeared to be 40 to 50 pound mountain lion.

The dog was in the man's backyard, which borders a wooded area. The suspected mountain lion caught the dog when it wandered outside the home's fence.

The Dominion Homeowners Association contacted the Texas Parks and Wildlife office.

Urban Biologist Jessica Alderson interviewed the homeowner and visited the home.

"We'll look for tracks, we'll look for scat, hair. Anything to give us an idea that, yes, the animal was actually there," Alderson said.

Alderson set up a game camera in the area where the animal was spotted. The video camera will stay in place for up to two weeks and then Alderson will review the footage.

"Even if we do catch a mountain lion on camera that just basically tells us that there is a mountain lion in the area. It doesn't say that that's exactly what took this poor little dog," she said. 

Alderson said her visit to the home was inconclusive, so the mountain lion mystery continues for now.

While wildlife officials investigate, homeowners - especially animal owners - are asked to be cautious.

"If you are a pet owner, make sure that you're walking them on a leash. Make sure that they're staying in the fenced area where you're allowing them," said Alderson.

She added that mountain lions are rarely a threat to humans and that Texas Parks and Wildlife would trap a mountain lion if it continued targeting pets or began approaching humans or homes and roaming outside wildlife areas. 

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