Second mountain lion sighting has Fair Oaks Ranch residents nervous

Women spotted big cat while checking on her horses

SAN ANTONIO – A normal Wednesday night turned into anything but for a pair of brothers in Fair Oaks Ranch after a call for help from a neighbor.
"She called and said she was outside and there was a mountain lion growling at her from the other side of her fence," said Derek Drozd, 20, who then raced over with his brother Daniel, 17.
Shining flashlights and shouting, the boys chased the cat back into the woods, following it with guns in hand. They lost it in the trees, however.
This is the second sighting of a mountain lion in two days. The boys' neighbor saw a KSAT 12 News report of a mountain lion sighting in a nearby Dominion neighborhood and thought she should go check on her horses.
That's when she had her own close encounter.
"Sometimes they are just following natural corridors looking for food and water," said Jessica Alderson of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Service, who added that human and mountain lion interactions are rare. "But some nearby construction could have also forced the mountain lion to move, or forced its food sources to move, so it followed them."
Either way, the sighting on Old Fredericksburg Road has neighbors thinking twice when heading outside.
"I'm definitely going to be looking around a little more," said Daniel Drozd. "Be a little more careful when you're farther away from your house."

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