New app helps Spurs fans find each other

Fanatic App developed


SAN ANTONIO – When the San Antonio Spurs battle it out on the court with the Miami Heat on Thursday, many San Antonio residents will be watching -- but not in Miami.

"They can't get a ticket to the game," said Jon Keselica, Fanatic App marketing manager and co-founder. "They still want to be in a crowd with that excitement of being at the game."

However, now there is an app that can at least get fans to the biggest Spurs crowd in town.

"Just put it on one app, in your pocket, on the phone," said Keselica. "You pull it up (and with) one click, you can find the best place to watch it."

It's called the Fanatic App and sports fans download it on their phone, then check where the most fans will be watching their favorite team.

They can also check in at a bar or restaurant or wherever they're watching the game. The more check-ins a venue gets, the higher the ranking.

Keselica said they came up with the idea to help fans find places to watch their favorite teams.

"We were watching Northwestern games at a bar in New York City," he said "We came to the discussion of how do we find places to watch our favorite teams, like how did we find this bar in the first place?"

The app has been up since January and in San Antonio, Keselica said activity on the Fanatic App has been picking up as the Spurs get ready to face the Miami Heat in the Finals.

"Texas has really picked up with the Spurs," said Keselica. "You guys are gung-ho behind them and really excited to see them make this drive for another championship. So, there's no doubt that everybody wants to be out there, catching the guys in black."

The app is free, just look for "Fanatic" in th iPhone's app store or you click this link.

Just a note though: right now, it's only available on the iPhone, but Keselica said they are currently working on an app for the Android that should be ready next month.

In the meantime, he is urging android users to check out their Fanatic App Facebook page.

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