South San Antonio flood victims get answers from city officials

Cable Westwood neighborhood residents discuss flood ravaged properties with city


SAN ANTONIO – More than two dozen people attended a flood recovery meeting Tuesday night on the South Side. They spoke with city officials who gave them answers to help them cope with their flood ravaged properties.  

Marie Garcia was a flood victim. "We had 9-inches of rain come through our home," Garcia said.

Garcia went to Cable Elementary School looking for answers. She said flood waters from a week and a half ago nearly destroyed her home.

"We were lucky we were home, it was a Saturday morning. My husband and I used a shop vacuum, and got all that water out," said Garcia.  
Garcia is just one of 30 Cable Westwood Residents who attended Thursday's flood recovery meeting. They were one of the hardest hit during the storm over Memorial Day Weekend.  

San Antonio city officials were on hand to show residents what the city is doing so the area won't flood. For example, they're planning on putting in a retention pond on Pinn Road.

"So some of the water that's flowing from Highway 151 down will help alleviate the flooding in this area," said Bonnie Weed, President of the Cable Westwood neighborhood.

The city encourages residents who have experienced flooding in their homes to register with 311.

That information will be passed on to the state and then on to the federal government. Residents will be able to receive some type of monetary assistance.