Doctor's bizarre sexual conduct described by former employee

Dr. Calvin Day convicted of sexually assaulting patient


SAN ANTONIO – A nurse who worked for Dr. Calvin Day in 2000 testified during the punishment phase of his sexual assault trial on Tuesday.

The nurse told the jury that Day asked her to meet him in an examining room. He said he wanted her to perform a laser hair removal procedure on him.

She testified that when she went into the room, Day was naked and asked her to perform the procedure on his groin area.

"This was not a normal procedure -- it's not normal for him to be naked," she testified. "And I did not know what his intentions were because this completely changed everything about what I knew to be a procedure I would perform."

She said she did not report the incident until 2011 when she appeared before the Texas Medical Board. The board was investigating the allegations of sexual assault for which Day has since been convicted.

"I didn't think anyone would believe me, " she said. "This was so out there."

On Monday, the jury found Day guilty of sexually assaulting a female patient in 2010.

He is facing up to 20 years in prison as a result of that conviction, but is eligible for probation since he has no felony convictions on his record.

Testimony will continue on Wednesday in Judge Ron Rangel's 379th District Court.

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