'The Bachelorette' Blog: Men take center stage during 'Mr. America' contest

Two Men Sent Home During Episode 4

The Bachelorette Season 9 Logo/Courtesy ABC
The Bachelorette Season 9 Logo/Courtesy ABC

Who knew romance could be found in Atlantic City? That's what the remaining 13 men were hoping to find during episode 4 of the "The Bachelorette."

I was happy to see Brad get the first one on one date.  I had my fingers crossed that the pair would have chemistry.

The first part of the date seemed to go well as they walked down the boardwalk, played games and sampled salt water taffy and chocolate. And then everything changed. 

I was tempted to change the channel during the dinner part of their date.

The painful awkward silences were almost too much to handle. It was clear the conversation fell flat and Desiree was not feeling the love.  At the end of the night, he did not receive a rose and was sent home. 

Jaws dropped when the 11 men on the group date found out they would be competing in a "Mr. America" contest. 

In front of a live audience, the men took part in a talent, interview and swimwear parts of the competition. 

I thought Zak W. won the talent part of the competition for playing the guitar and singing Des an original song. 

In the end, Kasey won the title of "Mr. America" for his charisma and playful tap dance routine.

Chris and Zak W. were the standouts during the second part of the date. Chris made Des swoon as he shared his poetry and Zak W. serenaded Des again by singing the rest of his song.

The night was not without drama. Once again, the men were fired up about Ben and his relentless pursuit of Des. I am with the men on this one.  It is definitely time for him to go. James got the second one on one date.

Their date was full of emotion as they took a helicopter ride over an area devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

My heart ached at they walked through Seaside Heights.  I was shocked to see how much rebuilding still needs to be done.

Des and James also met Manny and Jan, a couple whose home was gutted out by the storm.

After hearing that they didn't get to celebrate their anniversary, Des gave their romantic date to them. 

I couldn't help but smile as the limo arrived to take them to dinner at the House of Blues. Their night ended with a private concert and dancing.

As for Desiree and James, the chemistry was evident during the second part of their date, despite the fact James shared that he had previously cheated. In the end, James got the rose.

During the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, it was clear Bryden was fighting with himself.

He was struggling with the fact that he had not spent much time with Des.  I was so glad Desiree reassured him about their connection. I have been a fan of his from the beginning.

All the men were on edge during the rose ceremony as one by one the roses were handed out.

I waited on edge as Bryden hesitated when his name was called.  Despite the tension, he accepted the rose and is ready to face another week.

No surprise Zack K. was sent home. I had to double check his name, because he had such little screen time.

During his exit interview he seemed like a nice enough guy, he just didn't make enough of an impression.

All bags are being packed as Des and the men head to Munich, Germany for the next part of their adventure. All signs point to even more drama.

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