Fireworks stands expect business to boom with no burn bans in effect

No ban on sales of bottle rockets, other high-flying fireworks


SAN ANTONIO – People who sell fireworks in Bexar County believe business will be looking up this season, thanks to all the recent rain that fell from the sky.

The area saw one of its wettest months in May, when nearly 10 inches of rain fell in one day.

Thanks to all the moisture, for the first time in years there will be no burn bans in effect in the county for Independence Day.

That means that, in turn, there are no bans on the sales of high flying fireworks, like bottle rockets.

"I am looking forward to selling more," said Peter Nevarez, who runs Mr. W's Fireworks at Highway 90 and Montgomery.

"Normally, with the fire bans, a lot of people get bummed out, so they won't come out," he said. "But we're very hopeful this summer."

Nevarez said the store has stocked up on rockets, Roman candles, and other things that go boom in anticipation of a busier than normal season.

Fireworks stands in Bexar County officially opened for business Monday.

Although sales have been slow for Nevarez so far, he expects a big change by the weekend.

"This is pretty standard," he said. "We'll have lines all the way to the back gate (this weekend). I mean, it gets pretty busy. We'll have all these cash registers going."

If all goes as planned, he said, the store should see a boom in business.

According to the Bexar County Fire Marshal's office, although the ban on the sale of certain fireworks has been lifted this year, anything outlawed by the state still cannot be sold locally.

The sale, use or possession of fireworks is banned within the San Antonio city limits.

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