Mayor, Rep. Castro react to same-sex Supreme Court rulings

Julian and Joaquin Castro at DNC.
Julian and Joaquin Castro at DNC.

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro released the following statement via Twitter regarding the Supreme Court's decision to declare unconstitutional the Defense of Marriage Act:

"The Supreme Court has struck down DOMA ... progress. It is past time for Texas to end its official bigotry against the LGBT community."

Castro's brother, Joaquin, a U.S. Congressman, released the following statement:

"Today's Supreme Court decision made it very clear that in the United States of America we will continue to stand for liberty and equality for all Americans. In every part of our daily lives-in marriage like in attending school or in deciding to have children-we must pride ourselves in the guarantee that in America we will be treated equally before the law. That is the principle our country was founded on and what bends the arc of history toward justice. As we celebrate a victory for equality today, we are reminded that there is still a lot of work to ensure we can celebrate equality in America every day. From protecting the right to vote to ensuring that women have the right to make their own health decisions in Texas and across our country, I will continue to stand up for what makes this nation great."

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