Same sex marriage in Texas?

Supreme court ruling could affect Texas laws


SAN ANTONIO – The Supreme Court's decision regarding a section of the Defense of Marriage Act and California's Proposition 8 was celebrated by proponents of same sex marriage in all 50 states, even the 38 that currently outlaw same sex marriage like Texas.

"What was written up lays the groundwork for another case to follow to establish across all states that marriage, civil marriage is a contract that any couple can enter into regardless of sexual orientation," said state representative Mike Villarreal, D-123, on Wednesday afternoon in San Antonio. "I think about the gay couple that has children that is trying to raise them in a family and not hide their love and their commitment for each other and this ruling means a lot to this couple and the hundreds of thousands of couples like them in our state and across the country."

Texas banned same sex marriage in 2005 but Villarreal thinks the tide is turning.

"This session was actually the first session we saw a resolution filed in both chambers to undo the state constitutional prohibition on gay marriage," said Villarreal. "The polls tell us that popular support is changing rapidly in favor."

Forty-seven percent of Texans recently polled said they support same sex marriages. Others in the community agree with Villarreal's assessment.

"I think eventually Texas will come around, I really do," said Wayne Beers, who married his partner of 28 years in New York in 2012. "The numbers keep going up of people who want marriage equality."

Mayor Julian Castro sees equality as one driving force and commerce as another.

"You're going to watch as other states like California, Colorado, Massachusetts, on this particular measure gain a competitive advantage because this state is seen as backward," said Castro. "This is not good for business in a competitive 21st century global economy and my hope is that Governor Perry and Greg Abbott and Senator Cornyn and Cruz will understand that and that we'll move on out of the dark ages and do the right thing in the months and years to come."

"It's a miracle that we are growing as a state both economically as much as we are given that we do have some unequal provisions in our state constitution," added Villarreal.