Abandoned puppy rescued by Good Samaritan

Person who left small dog has not been found


SAN ANTONIO – Tristan Aguinaga is an animal lover. So when he saw this little guy tied up to an electrical box near the busy intersection of Loop 1604 and US 281. His first instinct was to stop and help.

That's because the dog, fondly named Sparkie, looked to be in bad shape.

"Hot, walking around in his own feces yesterday, no water was left, no food was left," said Aguinaga.

The puppy was brought to the San Antonio Humane Society. He was checked out by veterinarians where they found a few fleas and ticks, but he was in overall good health.

The communications director for the San Antonio Humane Society, Seamus R. Nelson, said, "He was also found to have ringworm. He'll be turned around in no time."

Nelson believes Sparkie is about 6 weeks old and is a terrier mix.

He's currently with a foster family and someone has already adopted the little guy.

The person responsible for leaving Sparkie tied up has yet to be found.

Aguinaga still can't believe someone could be so heartless and just leave the dog in the heat basically to die.

"Dumping him on the side of the road like that especially wired to an electrical outlet box, it's bad."

But Nelson believes more Good Samaritans like Aguinaga are needed.

He said strays in our city is a community problem.

"The San Antonio Humane Society does a lot of hard work and a lot of good work, but we really couldn't do it without people like Tristan who take the time to watch out for the pets of San Antonio. They are our pets even if they are stray, they belong to us as a city," said Nelson.

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