Houston couple among those injured in deadly Spain train crash

Couple in Europe for daughter's wedding

Bobby and Myrta Fariza
Bobby and Myrta Fariza

HOUSTON – Dramatic new video has surfaced of the deadly train disaster in Spain. At least 80 people were killed and dozens more injured including a couple from the Houston area.

At high speed, the video shows the train turning into the bend, then derailing. Its cars thrown from the track. Authorities say 247 people were on board.

The train, from the country's capital of Madrid, derailed just outside Santiago de Compostela, in northern Spain.

Among those on board were Houston area resident Bobby Fariza and his wife, Myrta.

"Our car flipped over. It became chaos. Things flew and everything. There was sudden darkness. I was kind of thrown on one side of the train; that's why I'm kind of all beaten up here. My wife unfortunately was sitting on the side where the train flipped over, so everything kind of fell on her...She was under three people and about five chairs and about three of four luggages," Bobby Fariza said. "So I couldn't see her at all. I'm screaming out her name, just to at least know that I'm looking for her even though she had been under there."

The couple traveled to Rome for their daughter's wedding and then on to Spain. Neighbors say the Fariza's had strong connections to the country.

"He began to tell me that his family roots were in Spain and that he still had relatives there," said a neighbor who spoke to KSAT sister station KPRC-TV Houston.

Bobby Fariza escaped from the crash with minor injuries, but his wife was in bad shape.

"According to the doctors, she's one of the worst ones in her situation. She had a crack in her skull, so she lost some fluids and she's very swollen. Right now, they have her very sedated. Hour by hour, we're just watching to see how things go with her," he said.

One of the Fariza's daughters tells KPRC-TV she feels helpless, waiting for word on her parent's condition and wondering if she should get on a plane to see them.

Family members also took to Facebook, posting photos of the couple and asking for prayers with dozens of offering support in return.

Susan Pando White wrote, "Prayer warriors, please pray for our family. The 2 Americans the Today mentioned on board the train in Spain are my new daughter in laws parents. Her dad had minor injuries but is ok, and her mom is in ICU seriously injured."

The Fariza's daughter told KPRC-TV that she appreciated all the support from the community.

"Myrta Fariza is currently in critical condition. Robert was injured but has been discharged. Our family is incredibly moved by all the support we are receiving. At this time, we ask that you respect our request for privacy. We will release more information at a later date," Dominique Fariza Buerkett said in a statement.

Some reports say that the train was traveling at twice the speed limit, its cars derailing at the bend. So far officials believe that it was an accident, one of Europe's worst ever train disasters.

The driver of the train is under investigation and being questioned by police.