Stage 3 is here, but SAWS says no changes coming

Water level drops but rules not expected to change


SAN ANTONIO – The aquifer level keeps dropping, but SAWS says even so they are not considering tighter water rules.

The water level of the aquifer is now low enough for SAWS to call for Stage 3 water restrictions.

But SAWS spokesman Anne Hayden says that won't happen.

She says thanks to multiple water resources, we should be able to supplement our Edwards Aquifer water use with other sources.

"We have an underground reservoir of water just south of San Antonio (and) we also get water from the Trinity Aquifer, Canyon Lake, and Lake Dunlap, so we have lots of back up for our Edwards water," said Hayden.

SAWS says spotty rains in July boosted aquifer levels by three feet briefly, raising the level from 640 feet on July 14 to 643 feet on July 22.

The aquifer has dropped a few feet since then.

When the 10-day average drops below 640 feet, Stage 3 water restrictions could be triggered.

But Hayden says water users should not be concerned.

"We think we can supplement the Edwards water with other sources and we can get through even if the Edwards Aquifer authorizes the Stage 3 cutbacks," she said.

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