Fiesta 2014 could last 7 days longer

Next year's schedule to be adjusted for Easter


SAN ANTONIO – Fiesta 2014 could last one week longer than it has in the past -- 18 days, instead of 11.

"The first weekend of Fiesta would fall during Easter," said Fiesta San Antonio Commission CEO, John Melleky. "What we're trying to do is really respect the traditions of San Antonio during Easter."

That's why the commission would like to extend Fiesta by one week so it would begin the weekend before Easter and end the weekend after, running April 10-27.

Melleky says the signature events of Fiesta would remain, however the schedule might be a little less packed with 7 extra days to fill.

"Instead of 39 events that first Saturday, there might be 20. And maybe the next Saturday, there might be 5 or 6," said Melleky.

He adds that only a handful of events would be scheduled on Easter Sunday and those would likely be later in the day.

So why not schedule Fiesta to begin the weekend after Easter?

Many event organizers already had their venues secured for the previously scheduled dates, according to Melleky, plus "Fiesta was started to commemorate San Jacinto Day, which is April 21," he added.

The extended time still must be approved by city council. The Fiesta Commission is drafting a final schedule to present to the city before a decision is made.

While some new events might be added next year, other previously scheduled ones would still fit their original time frame. For instance, an event is scheduled to last 2 days would still last 2 days.

It just might move to a different weekend, says Melleky.

No time table is set for when the city council could approve the 2014 schedule.

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