Behind the Kitchen Door: Mexican Seafood restaurant fails inspection

Pescaderia Mar-I-Sol gets 46 demerits, Taqueria Fiesta Charra also fails inspection

SAN ANTONIO – A Mexican Seafood restaurant failed its recent inspection by a wide margin while a West Side Taqueria also got a failing score.

Pescaderia Mar-I-Sol located at 1722 S. Zarzamora Street received 46 demerits on their latest health inspection.

  • The inspector reports finding ants and at least one small roach in the kitchen.
  • Rodent droppings were found throughout the establishment.
  • A fridge wasn't keep food cold enough.

The health inspector scheduled a follow-up inspection for Thursday. Behind the Kitchen Door has not received an update on that inspection.

Taqueria Fiesta Charra located at 318 Old Highway 90 West just failed their latest health inspection with 32 demerits.

  • Their main walk-in cooler was a way-too-warm 55 degrees.
  • They were told to clean and sanitize the food prep area and make sure all sinks have soap and paper towels.
  • The soap and paper towel violations cost them three demerits and made the difference between a passing or failing health score.

All violations at the Taqueria were corrected within ten days.


The following restaurants received zero demerits during their latest inspection by Metro Health.

  • Chumps Burgers & Bar-B-Que at 8309 Bandera Road.
  • Denny's at 13535 Hwy. 281 North at Bitters Road.
  • El Comalito Barbacoa at 2702 S. Zarzamora Street.
  • Panda Express at 6355 Rittiman Road.

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