State Senator Wendy Davis addresses San Antonio democrats

Bexar County Democrats host "family reunion" with guest of honor State Senator Wendy Davis


Democrats in San Antonio rallied behind one of their own on Friday night at a get-out-the-vote fundraiser.

The Bexar County Democrats hosted what they called a "family reunion" on Friday with guest of honor State Senator Wendy Davis D-Fort Worth.

Davis has been in the spotlight since her dramatic filibuster earlier this year that delayed the  abortion bill and when she arrived at La Villita to speak, she got a warm welcome from fellow democrats, including a special serenade from some local mariachis.

Many democrats at the fundraiser said they are not only excited  to have Davis at their "family reunion" event, but that they are also ready to stand behind the state senator as a candidate for governor.

However, on Friday, Davis talked about her vision for the future of Texas, including  improving education and healthcare, not about a run for governor.

"I'm working very hard in making that decision right now," Davis said. "Obviously, it will be an incredible honor to represent the state of Texas in office and I hope in just a few short weeks, to be able to deliver to the people a message, I'm hoping they'd love to hear."

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