High temperatures test baseball fans' love of the game

Fans find different ways to beat the heat at Wolff Stadium


SAN ANTONIO – No one understands how difficult the dog days of summer are more than baseball fans.

Despite another day of triple-digit temperatures, fans packed Wolff Municipal Stadium on Friday to watch the San Antonio Missions take on the Northwest Arkansas Naturals.

Isa Guhaardo sat in the outfield, in direct sunlight.

"The cheap seats man, it's just nice to come and relax," Guhaardo said. "It doesn't feel that bad, you know, it's windy, nice and cool, even though its hot."

Baseball is notorious for being slow, and games can last for several hours.

Those who get to watch try to ignore the heat, but the same cannot be said for people like Cedrick McKenney, who had to work.

"Luckily we got our shade out here today," said McKenney. "So main thing is staying hydrated out here."

Amber Sanchez sells snow cones and said the heat can be miserable, but it keeps the customers rolling in.

"It's really good for business," Sanchez said. "We've been doing really good. It's a headache when we have a long line of a lot of hot customers, but we have to keep them cool."