San Antonio Water System looks into lingering smell on East Side

SAWS officials receive numerous phone calls from neighbors


SAN ANTONIO – Some residents on the city's East Side are talking about a bad stench that's been lingering around their block for the last few weeks.

Kalvaugn George said he and his family have been dealing with the smell everyday and it's only getting worse.

"The smell just hits you," said George. "It's just an aroma, a stench that just purges your stomach. It makes you want to throw up."

Alvin Drummen, who lives next door, said the smell is also lingering in his home.

"We thought it was a dead body out there somewhere," said Drummen.

San Antonio Water System officials said Friday that they have received numerous phone calls from neighbors on the 800 block of Sterling Street, and that they have sent out crews to pressure clean the line and to drop deodorant blocks.

However, George said it's not helping.

"By them continuing to cover it up, they're trying to make it seem like it's okay," said George. "But, it's not okay because of the simple fact that we have to live down here."

Drummen said he's even called a plumber to come out and fix the problem, but he said not only is the smell still lingering, the water in his house is backed up.

"I can't even use the restroom without everything backing up," said Drummen. "The odor is in the house, we have to live with this here and I don't think we should."

SAWS officials said Friday night that after checking, the pipe is not backed up, but that there is an 8-inch line connected to an 84-inch line and that sometimes the odor can go up into the 8-inch line.

SAWS officials said they are going to have their crews look into it on Monday and in the meantime, they said there is no danger, just a smell.

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