Schertz woman reunited with class ring after 34 years

Buried in Jacksonville, FL, backyard


SAN ANTONIO – A Schertz woman who lost her class ring 34 years ago, now has it back.

Rhonda Cable Mayberry got the ring in the mail on Friday night after a stranger called her on Sunday, telling her she found her Class of 1980 ring.

Mayberry wore her class ring on Saturday, remembering how excited she was when she first got it in 1979.

"Once I put it on, I never took it off," she said. "So, I don't even know how I really lost it. It just disappeared."

Mayberry said her parents bought the class ring for her at the beginning of her senior year in Jacksonville, Florida and that she had only had it for a few weeks, when she went swimming at a friends house and noticed it was gone.

She said they searched the yard and that they even used a metal detector, but it never turned up.

"I thought it was just gone," said Mayberry. "I figured somebody pawned it. It was gone, I was broken hearted. It was like the first nice thing I've ever gotten."

Seven years ago, another couple had moved in the house where Mayberry's friend used to live and while digging up the backyard to build a laundry room, the husband found the ring in the dirt..

His wife, Amy Lee, said she tried finding the owner, using the engravings on the ring, but at first, didn't have any luck.

"We didn't have the social media, like we do now," said Mayberry. "So, she tried to look for me, but she didn't have much luck and put it in her jewelry box. And then, her little girl was going through her jewelry box saying , "Mommy! What is this?" And, she said. "I think we are going to look for her."

On Sunday, Lee used Facebook and Twitter to find Mayberry and when she eventually tracked down her number., she called her to tell her she had the ring.

"She called me first," said Mayberry. "She had the same type of feelings that I did about something like that, to get it to the rightful owner."

Mayberry said she has been talking to Lee every day since the initial call on Sunday and that not only does she have her ring back, she also has a new friend.

Mayberry said Saturday that she is planning a trip back to Florida sometime to meet Lee and to personally thank her for finding her and contacting her about her lost class ring.

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