CAUGHT ON TAPE: Vandals target restaurant

Brown's Mexican Restaurant smashed up during spree


SAN ANTONIO – Brown's Mexican Restaurant was vandalized at around midnight on Saturday.
Surveillance cameras captured kids trying to break in.

"I don't know what happened but the kids, three girls and two boys broke every light around the building and destroyed the cameras," said restaurant owner Marco Bermuedez.

The video shows the kids trying to pry the side door open. Bermuedez said this isn't the first time he's had an issue with vandals.

"The last time we have the graffiti in the building and in my neighbors too we have a lot of problems with the kids," Bermuedez said.

In total, eight bulbs and one camera were damaged.

"When I see the lights, ok no problem. the problem is the cameras, replacing the cameras is a lot of money and at this time the restaurant is slow," said Bermuedez.

Bermuedez estimates the damage will cost him about $3,000.

He also plans to drop a copy of the surveillance video to police Saturday morning.

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