City updates non-discrimination ordinance

Ordinance does not apply to restrooms


SAN ANTONIO – The most recent version of the city's non-discrimination ordinance was released Tuesday night with a few clarifications.

San Antonio Councilman Diego Bernal said this most recent version does not change the law.

Bernal said there are just clarifications that were made after meeting with church leaders and other residents.

One of the clarifications states that a religious organization does not violate the policy by giving preference to a member of their same religion "as determined solely by that religious organization."

Another clarification states nothing "shall require any person to support or advocate a lifestyle."

For example, Bernal said a T-shirt maker cannot discriminate against customers, but if a customer comes in asking for a gay pride shirt, the T-shirt maker doesn't have to make it if he or she does not agree with the message.

Bernal said the ordinance does not apply to bathrooms. Bernal said the way things work now with public restrooms is the way they will work in the future.

However, Bernal did mention one change to the revised ordinance that states that instead of just slapping a group with a Class C misdemeanor for not complying with the ordinance. The city will provide an opportunity to talk it out.

Bernal said the whole purpose of the ordinance is to bring people together and to work out a difference.

Click here to take a look at the revised non-discrimination ordinance.

Anyone who would like to appear before the council can sign up by clicking on this link.

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