Non-discrimination ordinance to be voted on Thursday

People for, against it make final push for their side over weekend


SAN ANTONIO – The non-discrimination ordinance will be voted on next Thursday, Sept. 5. Many people for it and against it hit the streets to make one final push for their side.

Supporters gathered near San Pedro and Rector, where they held signs for equality.

"We've gotten a lot of honks and a lot support from everyone so it's really encouraging," said supporter Monessa Esquibel. "Yes, we've gotten a couple thumbs down but we really don't focus on that. We focus on the positive."

Under the proposed ordinance, city officials would be prohibited from discriminating based upon a person's race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or other defining characteristics.

"We're collecting signatures in the heart of District 1 because people in this district agree with us, that they feel that the ordinance purposed by councilman Bernal violates their free speech," said Weston Martinez.

Martinez and several others went door to door collecting signatures, hoping to make Councilman Diego Bernal face a recount.