State fair names winners of fried food contest

Fried Cuban roll named "Best Taste"

Fried Thanksgiving Dinner
Fried Thanksgiving Dinner

DALLAS – A fried Cuban roll filled with chopped ham and pork shoulder, Swiss cheese and pickles drew "Best Taste" honors at a State Fair of Texas fried food contest.

While a Thanksgiving dinner of stuffing, turkey and creamed corn rolled into a ball and deep-fried took "Most Creative" honors at the Big Tex Choice Awards.

A three-judge panel on Monday taste-tested eight finalists before awarding the prizes. Other contenders were a deep fried Nutella, a deep fried King Ranch casserole and chicken-fried meatloaf.

Last year's "Best Taste" winner was a fried bacon cinnamon roll, and the "Most Creative" new food in 2012 was deep-fried jambalaya.

The State Fair of Texas runs Sept. 27 through Oct. 20.

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