CPS Energy proposing $5.19 monthly rate hike

If approved, customers would start paying more in February

SAN ANTONIO – Jesse Fernandez doesn't want to see his CPS bill go up. He addressed the CPS Board of Trustees and said the rate hike is unnecessary since he said some workers are already overpaid.

"To award the public servants $100,000 bonuses today when they're already getting annual salaries over $200,000 is just unfair," said Fernandez.

Monday, the board from CPS Energy heard first hand, some of the public's concern about a proposed rate hike. 

"We strongly oppose the CPS rate hike because it promotes unsustainable growth fueled by dirty energy and unfairly burdens residential rate payers," said Dr. Meredith McGuire.

CPS Energy said the rate is needed for a variety of capital projects all of which will improve service reliability. CPS said the rate increase would be an additional $5.19 a month for customers.

"Nobody likes to pay increases and it's easy to look across the fence and say it's easy to cut this and cut that," said CPS spokesperson Lisa Lewis.

CPS Energy will seek final city council approval next month. If approved, the new rate would go into effect beginning with the Feb. 1, 2014, billing cycle. 

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