Fake newspaper salesman faces new charge

Gabriel Caldera, 34, accused of several thefts


SAN ANTONIO – A man who San Antonio police believe was behind a series of elderly theft crimes is facing more charges.

Gabriel Caldera, 34, is accused of posing as a door-to-door newspaper salesman in order to steal wallets and purses.

An arrest warrant affidavit stated Caldera has now been linked to a similar crime that happened on June 21.

The alleged victim recognized Caldera's mug shot on local television newscasts and called police.

She claimed Caldera sold a fake newspaper subscription to her healthcare provider and returned the next day in an attempt to sell her one.

She agreed and went to retrieve some cash but returned and could not find Caldera outside.

The affidavit stated Caldera entered the home without her consent and stole the elderly woman's purse before he fled the scene.

Caldera was arrested last month and faces several theft and burglary charges.

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