Wind knocks damaged tree onto car

Tree's previous brush with Mother Nature: Lightning strike


SAN ANTONIO – Amanda Hernandez was driving home from work with her husband and brother-in-law when the unthinkable happened on the 500 block of Brighton Avenue Friday.

She said a big oak tree fell on her car, "we saw the branch and it was getting closer and closer and we felt where it hit the car and the whole inside went in."

Hernandez drove her car from out from under the tree to see what damage was done. She saw branches and gone through part of the front and back windshield.

The weight of the tree caused her car's roof to cave in.

"My brother-in-law, luckily he was laying down in the back because if not, his head would have hit the top, but he was laying down asleep," said Hernandez.

She said it wasn't raining at the time, but she did notice it was very windy. Shortly after the tree fell, city workers came with chainsaws to chop it up and clear the road.  
"It sounded like a whooshing sound, like a massive wind sound," said resident Joseph Garrett.

Garrett lives on the property where the tree came from. He thought the tree may have been in trouble because the tree was hit by lightning.

"I was looking at the tree I saw that some of it was rotted out , and it had some bull worms, I didn't think it was that weak for it to fall over," said Garrett.

Fortunately, no one was injured from the oak tree falling, and no other property but Hernandez's car was damaged. 

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