Shooting raises safety concerns at apartments near UTSA

Residents say entrance gate faulty, surveillance cameras dysfunctional


SAN ANTONIO – The issue of safety is once again popping up at apartment complexes near the UTSA campus.
Early Saturday morning, a gunman opened fire in the parking lot of the University Oaks Apartments, shooting an empty car more than a dozen times.
No one was injured, but residents are now on edge and believe the complex lacks proper safety standards.
"UTSAPD is taking it pretty seriously, but the fact that it even happened in the first place is kind of a concern to me and a lot of my neighbors," said one resident who wanted to remain anonymous.
Police believe the shooter got inside the complex by going through a gate that was stuck in the open position, but residents said the gate is rarely, if ever, closed.
"I don't see the point of a gated community if you're not going to have it closed," the resident said.
Police hope the shooter may have been captured by surveillance cameras inside the complex, but residents said they were told the apartment's cameras are not functional.
UTSA has functioning cameras surrounding the outside of the complex and investigators reviewed the footage Monday for any clues.
The shooting is the latest in several incidents surrounding the UTSA campus this year.
There's been several thefts, a stabbing, and earlier this year, 18-year-old Christopher Hinojos was shot and killed near the university.
Residents hope the latest incident is the last straw and they have already noticed some changes.
"(Police patrols) would be every other hour, now they're stationed here," the resident said Sunday. "So as long as they have that it gives me peace of mind."