After school congestion creates multi-car hazard on Loop 410

KSAT Defenders investigate school safety

After school congestion is creating a multi-car pileup hazard outside a Northeast Side school. The KSAT Defenders looked into the safety issues.

SAN ANTONIO – After school congestion is creating a multi-car pileup hazard outside a Northeast Side school. 

Located along the access road of Loop 410 and Nacogdoches, the School of Science and Technology is in an already high traffic area.

To add that that, the school has only one parking lot that parents can drive through to pick up their kids, and that is leading to an overflow on public streets.

"Very dangerous," said parent Tanisalado Gonzales. "They park all along this way, all along halfway to the curb."

While some parents pull up and wait on the side street, there are many more who pull up on the Loop 410 access road to sit and wait for their kids to be released from school.

"Apparently nobody cares about it because I guess they're waiting for a big accident to happen," Gonzales said.

Even the parents who do it know the potential for a multi-car pile up is there.

"I try not to do it, I try not to do it because I know the traffic is passing, because they want to get onto the highway there, but this is what we have," said parent Ruben Hernandez.

According to School of Science and Technology Principal Atila Akurek, there is a pick up plan and it does not include pulling up along the access road.

Parents are supposed to pull into the school parking lot and wait in line to pick up their kids. The problem is, not everybody does it.

"We do have that pick up plan, so they do know they are not allowed by us to go and stop there, wait for your kids," Akyurek said.

When KSAT checked back a few days after the meeting with the principal, there was still a line of parents, albeit a shorter one, waiting on the access road.

KSAT made a second drive by during after school pick up hours a week later and it appears the problem may have been resolved.

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