What to expect this holiday from airfares, gas prices

Travelers advised to book flights on 'off days;' Drivers should see gas prices go down


SAN ANTONIO – The holiday season may seem far off, but according to a new analysis by comparison travel web site Kayak, you only have three weeks before airfares go up.

Peter Herff with Herff Travel in San Antonio said Wednesday that when it comes to airfares, the rates are always up and down, and what really matters is how many seats are available the day you want to travel.

"Most fares are based on capacity and how full the planes are," said Herff. "So, an airline can say a fare is going up or the fare is going down, but they may or may not have seats."

Herff advised travelers to book their flights on "off days" around the holidays, when prices are lower.

"If you are traveling on the 4th or 5th or January, school gets back in about the 6th of January. If you are traveling on those days. It's going to be tough," said Herff. "You're going to pay not because of a higher airfare but because of what is available to you."

As far as hitting the road over the holidays, there's good news. A spokesman with Valero said drivers can expect prices to go down now and throughout the holiday season.

"Luckily for consumers, crude oil prices are at least stable," said Bill Day, Executive Director of Media at Valero. "They're moderate and there's plenty of supply of gasoline. Demand remains fairly low. So, we are in pretty good shape in Texas and along the Gulf Coast."

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