30-year-old player living out dreams of playing college football


SAN ANTONIO – A 30-year-old football player is getting a chance to live out his dream of playing collegiate football at the University of Incarnate Word.

Eric Castillo, 30, ran out on the field with his teammates at Saturday night's game against Eastern New Mexico University.

Castillo said he was 28 years old when he started chasing his dream of playing collegiate football and with no high school or college football experience, he still made the team.

Castillo, now 30, was invited to The University of Incarnate Word's 2013 first Division 1 football camp where only 95 guys were selected.

Castillo's friends said he is the oldest and least experienced player, but that his hard work and dedication is what made his dream of running out on the field with his teammates happen on Saturday night.

"I kind of just wanted the challenge, coming out with the program here at Incarnate Word, trying to work for that," said Castillo. "Everybody wants to run out with the team and wants that opportunity to eventually get in the game. That's what it's all about, but for me, it's just about me coming out with the guys and being a part of the program. To me that's a dream and I'm living it everyday."

Castillo said he has two sons, a 6-year-old and a 7-year-old, and that he plans to graduate with a degree in kinesiology and communications.

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