Special needs puppies looking for good homes

Rescue group hoping all needy dogs will be adopted


SAN ANTONIO – Three puppies with deformed front legs have taken the Alamo City by storm.

They were found in a west side dumpster along with their mom and two other siblings who are normal. Hundreds of emails have come into KSAT wanting to adopt these puppies, especially a little girl with barely no front legs at all.

"I think we've actually found the person who's going to be adopting her, her two sisters are still available as well as the other two litter mates that are not special needs and mama's available too," said Debi Silva.

Silva is with A Vision of Hope Canine Community is coordinating the puppies adoption. She's humbled by all the love and attention KSAT viewers have given them.

"San Antonio really is pet community we have a wonderful pet community here and I think they realize that special needs pets are just as loving and caring as any other dog," said Silva.

But Silva said there are more puppies with special needs who need forever homes.

Stevie and Nick are Catahoula puppies who are both deaf, but were thrown away by their breeder because of their special needs.

"They're both hearing impaired and one is a little bit vision impaired. All would make real great family pets," said Silva.

Another dog was permanently damaged because someone dropped him on his head. Moe Moe may look normal, but he can't see. 

"He was actually dropped over a fence and his head hit the cement floor and it caused neurological damage and that's why he's blind ," said Silva.

Silva said anyone who adopts these special needs dogs should be willing to put in the extra time and attention they deserve.

"They do require training a little bit different than you would train your regular dog," said Silva. "For instance, for my blind dogs, I have my rooms scented. My bedroom is in lavender, so when they go there they know that's where they sleep. The living room is in vanilla so they know when they go there, that's where they play."

Little changes that make a big difference in these dogs lives.