Convicted baby killer case to be reexamined ahead of early release

Former nurse Genene Jones to be released early from prison


Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed says her office plans to pour over boxes of decades old case files involving Genene Jones in an effort to keep the convicted baby killer locked up.

"I think Genene Jones never needs to leave prison," Reed said Thursday.

In 1984, Jones was convicted of killing 15-month-old Chelsea McLellan of Kerrville by injecting her with a lethal dose of muscle relaxant two years earlier.

The former nurse was also found guilty of injury to child for a similar offense in Bexar County.

Jones was sentenced to 99 years in prison for murder and 60 years for injury to a child. The sentences ran concurrently.

Because of a law in place at the time of her conviction, Jones could be released in 2018 on mandatory parole.

But she could walk free even earlier, Reed says, due to compassionate release because of a medical condition.

"But in my view, someone who has shown absolutely no compassion to babies in her care -- why would she get a compassionate parole," Reed said.

Reed adds that Jones is suspected in 47 other baby deaths at the then Bexar County Hospital, but those cases were never able to be prosecuted.

Marina Rodriguez's son, Feliciano, is one of them.

"The nurse gives him the shot and then from there he started turning blue," Rodriguez recalls.

She says she watched Jones administer what she thought were immunizations to her 5-month-old son back in 1981.

Feliciano went into cardiac arrest and died days later.

"My son was murdered by Genene Jones," she said. "There's absolutely no doubt in my mind about that."

Even as a young mother at the age of 15, Rodriguez says she knew her child was murdered. But no one took her seriously, she says.

It wasn't until years later when attorneys showed up on her doorstep that she felt her suspicions were validated.

Now Rodriguez hopes her story and that of dozens of other mothers will help keep Jones in prison.

"And let this lady stay in prison where she belongs. She's a serial killer," she said. "She went from what I thought was supposedly the angel of life, to the angel of death."

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