Renters forced to pull up pants at Houston area apartment complexes

Residents could face eviction or $100 fine with new policy


A new policy is being instituted at more than a dozen Houston area apartment complexes. Residents are warned, if they pull their pants down and show more than two inches of their underwear, they could face eviction or a $100 fine.

The policy is part of the Villa Serena's new lease agreement. The group owns and manages apartments all over the city, ten of them are located in the Greenspoint area.

"We say, 'You want to live in a place that's safe, friendly and has a dress code as part of the overall concept of being a good place to live? Read this and if you like it let's go ahead with the application process,'" said Steve Moore, with Villa Serena Communities.

Moore is part owner of the properties and moved into one of the Greenspoint apartments several months ago.

"I figured, if I'm going to lease it I ought to be willing to live there," he said.

Moore talked to residents and said many of them had concerns about safety. He added a security guard at two of the properties who checks every car that comes and goes. Moore also added lights and security cameras.

The dress code was next on his list.

"It's the last step in cleaning up our properties," Moore said.

The policy includes all sorts of rules, like a 10 p.m. curfew, no loud music and no littering. But it also says, "pull up your pants or stay off our property. Have some decency and respect for others."

The dress code also includes no pajamas, sexually revealing clothing, bare feet or tattered and ripped clothing.

"I think we're at the front edge of a trend," Moore said.

Most residents told KSAT sister station KPRC-TV Houston they hope so.

"I think they should pull up their pants," said Michael Merchant, who lives at one of the Villa Serena apartments.

"Wow, that's exactly what we need here," said Ernest Dever, another tenant.

But not everyone thinks it's a good idea. "It's kind of wrong that you would kick somebody out because their pants are sagging," said Trenton Heard. "That's crazy, just crazy."

Moore understands that he may offend someone people with his new policy but he's OK with that.

"There's going to be people who don't like us," he said, "and those are probably the people we're willing to have not like us."

The policy goes into affect for new tenants. People who already reside at one of Villa Serena's properties will not be asked to sign it, but they will be expected to respect it.

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