Feud between families boils over, affects neighbors


SAN ANTONIO, TX – A very public feud between two neighboring families on the city's Northwest Side has spilled over and is now making other neighbors angry.
These days it is not uncommon to see Halloween decorations, but two houses at the end of one San Antonio cul-de-sac are scary for another reason.
A sign outside one reads: 'perverts live here' and points next door.
At that house, there are security lights, more than a handful of surveillance cameras and a huge wall separating the two homes.
Neighbor Laura Long, who lives a few houses away from these feuding neighbors, said the animosity between the two families has been escalating.
"Basically (there has been) a lot of craziness," Long said. "There's a lot of fighting, bickering, arguing, derogatory things said, police called."
She and her husband, Phillip, and their 11-month-old son are so fed up they want to pack up and sell their house.
In hopes of doing that, they have been remodeling it from doors to floors to walls, spending tons of money.
"We've spent five figures trying to get it all done," said Phillip Long. (We're replacing) everything from top to bottom."
Now they fear this neighborhood feud will scare off potential buyers.
"It's getting ridiculous," said Laura Long. "We're getting tired of it and we want to be able to sell our house."
Neighbor Lori Vargas agreed.
"It's bad to have to see it every day," Vargas said.
Vargas said she and other neighbors are tired of the fighting and tired of police being called.
Police have responded to calls from the feuding neighbors more than 100 times since last July.
Code Enforcement has been there 56 times and has issued seven violations.
Police and Code Enforcement officials say they are enforcing the rules on the books and had hoped to resolve the dispute, but it may end up being a civil case.
The feud has certainly been uncivil for the neighbors here.
"Cruddy neighbors come with the house," Laura Long said.
Vargas said her family has been forced to spend time in the back yard instead of the front yard.
"We're not comfortable anymore and we just wish it would stop," Vargas said.
The KSAT 12 Defenders attempted to talk to the neighbors involved in the dispute.
One woman at one home did not want to say anything and no one answered the door at the other home at the time of our visit.