Defenders: City project stops short near Margil Elementary School

Homeowners say Morales Street only street without sidewalks


SAN ANTONIO – Some San Antonio elementary school kids are having to navigate bumpy roads and potholes on their walk to school.

Margil Elementary School is surrounded by rows of homes and streets on all four sides. But residents do not have have to look far to see Morales Street looks a little different than the others.

"There's nowhere he could walk through going to school. Walk through the streets. This is the only street they missed," said Jessica Barbosa, a Morales Street resident.

Barbosa said it's a safety issue. "I have my son, we play outside and we can't because the floor's not leveled and there's nowhere he can play and the cars come real fast," Barbosa said. 

Homeowners say on rainy days, it is much worse with kids having to wade through the water to get to school.

"We can't walk when it gets flooded, actually, and look at the way the streets are," said resident Martha Gomez.

Gomez and her granddaughter just moved into the neighborhood this summer. Immediately she noticed the other end of Morales street had been recently paved.

"I've called the city several times and all they do is give me confirmation numbers. They're gonna look into it,"Gomez said.

April Alcoser, spokeswoman for Public Works, said the city finished a complete reclamation project on the strip Morales Street in front of Margil Elementary School, but the 1400 block of Morales was not part of the plan.

"We did receive the request for sidewalks in the 1400 of Morales, and we have investigated that issue," Alcoser said. "In order to install sidewalks at that location, we would have to completely reconstruct the streets."

Alcoser said the city will be putting Morales on their future project list, but she also said the city would not be able to install sidewalks without a complete overhaul of the street, which is easily a six-figure project.

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