Editorial: Hope for VIA street car route


SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio is a step closer to getting a streetcar route after trustees recently approved the most expensive option.

Champions of the streetcar expect all kinds of growth, including a revitalized downtown and increased development.

At $280 million to build and $8.5 million a year to operate, not to mention tens of millions more in overages, the streetcar and all those potential benefits won't come cheap.

Even if federal funds come through to help offset the costs, San Antonio is still betting big on a questionable project.

We're looking forward to seeing the positive impact that streetcars are supposed to have, especially on downtown, but we're hedging our bets.

After all, other cities have tried it and had disappointing results.

We hope it works for San Antonio. This streetcar line is a high-stakes investment that needs to see big returns.

I'm Phil Lane. Let us know what you think.