Editorial: SAWS rate increase seems reasonable


SAN ANTONIO – Even with the recent rains, South Texas is still in the middle of the worst drought in a half-century.

So, when SAWS says they need to increase rates again over the next two years, we think that seems reasonable.

This time, the hike would come in two phases and add just over 10 percent, or $5.38, to the average bill by 2015.

Most of the fees will go toward supply, wastewater and infrastructure.

To put this in perspective, SAWS says that even after these increases, the average water bill in San Antonio will still be less than those in Austin, Houston and Dallas.

Yes, SAWS just increased rates in March, and most of that was also for supply and infrastructure.

But, they've demonstrated responsible and efficient resource management.

More importantly, water is scarce. It makes sense to invest in systems to keep it flowing for the long-term.

I'm Phil Lane. Let us know what you think.