'Redland Waver' becomes local celebrity

Brad Cornwall says waving routine has turned his life around


Every afternoon, Monday through Friday, Brad Cornwall takes a five-mile walk on Redland Road, waving enthusiastically to every driver that passes.

Cornwall, 58, has done this for more than four years and has become a sort of community celebrity. 

It's a routine that he says has turned his life around. 

"Everybody who honks and waves inspires me to keep going," said Cornwall. "Some people yell and wave from their windows in the subdivision."

Once, Cornwall decided to count the number of  people who waved at him. He said he had 1,262 people wave back.

Cornwall has lived in San Antonio for 15 years, works for Boeing Aerospace and is retired from the Air Force.

He said the waving started as a self-defense mechanism. He said he was nearly hit by a woman who was texting and driving so he decided to wave at drivers who were on the phone to make sure they saw him.

One day, he said a driver told him that wave cheered her up and made her day so he decided to wave at everyone.

"I decided since then, I was going to walk in hopes that I could inspire one more person and four years, seven months and 5,000 miles later, I'm still out here."

Cornwall started walking in March 2009, hoping to better his health. He weighed 360 pounds, he said, was depressed and in poor health.

He's now 120 pounds lighter, healthier and happier than ever.

"I have a new outlook on life. Everything is a joy," he said. "Everybody is honking and waving and smiling and people (are) pulling over and talking. It's made a big difference during those two hours each day."

Cornwall said he was surprised and overjoyed to find someone had started a Facebook fan page for him. You can check it out here.

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