Man gets second chance after family of woman killed by car donates kidney

Families bond stronger then ever

Daniel Govea, 52, underwent a kidney transplant early Saturday morning. His donor is 28-year-old Sharon Ledesma, a mother of three who died while trying to push her kids out of the way of an oncoming car.

The children were hurt but are OK.

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"God works in mysterious ways and we're not here to figure that out," said Govea's brother, Eddie Rodriguez. "We know that's a fact and this is a perfect example of it."

Govea and Ledesma were neighbors. Ledesma's family said Sharon wanted to be an organ donor.

"They knew my brother was sick and was on a transplant waiting list, so the family decided to make my brother a recipient," Govea said.

The families know they are no longer just neighbors.

"He's going to have part of my sister now," said Sharon's brother, Jonathan Ledesma. "We know them. We grew up together. It's like we're like family."

Govea's surgery went well, according to family. He is expected to be released from the hospital in the next seven days.

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