Pub attack victim gets medical bills paid

Employer pays up after being contacted by KSAT Defenders

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LIVE OAK, Texas – A woman whose throat was slashed outside the pub where she worked has now had her medical bills paid after contacting the KSAT 12 Defenders for help. 

Andrea Chamberlain was attacked March 23 outside The Lion and Rose Pub in The Forum. She was a server there and was taking a smoke break outside when it happened.

"It was just a regular day," Chamberlain said. "I was supposed to be a closer. While I was in the back smoking a cigarette someone came up behind me and picked me up and grabbed me around the throat and the stomach.

She had never spoken of the attack publicly until now. 

"I had dropped my chin so that he couldn't choke me and I elbowed him in the face and he dropped me," Chamberlain said. "But as soon as he dropped me he reached around and he cut my throat twice."

They are fading, but she still bears the scars of the attack on the outside and on the inside.

"I don't like to be touched and I still have nightmares," Chamberlain said. I wouldn't leave the house without my boyfriend. If someone walked behind us it would scare me so bad I'd start to cry."

The pub does not offer Workman's Compensation, but after the attack, pub owner Allen Tharp emailed her saying he had taken care of her medical bills.

But the bills kept coming in: Greater Houston ER Physicians, $1,590, Financial Corporation of America, $1,236.61 and more. She said she tried to find out why they had not been paid. 

"I sent him emails," Chamberlain said. "I've called the main office and left messages. He hasn't responded."

When contacted by the Defenders, Tharp said via email that he paid every medical bill presented by Andrea Chamberlain.

He wrote that he was never told about the other bills that came in. Then he sent the Defenders copies of the checks that were written by his company to pay those bills.
The total was just over $4,500.

Chamberlain has now packed up and left town, ready to start a new life. And ready to leave the horrors of March 23 behind and the hospital bills that followed.

Live Oak Police say no arrest has been made in this case after it was worked for three months. They say people with any information to pass along should give them a call.

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