Health standards for manicure & pedicure services

(a) Cosmetologists and manicurists shall clean their hands with soap and water or a hand sanitizer prior to performing any services.
(b) Cosmetologists and manicurists shall clean the areas of the client's body on which the service is to be administered.
(c) All metal manicure and pedicure tools shall be properly cleaned, disinfected and sterilized or sanitized prior to each service, in accordance with this chapter, regardless of the tool's multiuse for only a single client or for multiple clients.
(d) After each client, the following implements shall be cleaned, disinfected and sterilized or sanitized in accordance with the rule: metal pusher and files, cuticle nipper and scissors, metal tweezers, finger and toe nail clippers, and electric drill bits.
(e) The following implements are single-use items and shall be discarded after use: orangewood sticks, cotton balls, nail wipes and disposable towels.
(f) Buffer blocks, porous nail files, pedicure files, callus rasps, natural pumice and foot brush, arbor, sanding bands, sleeves, heel and toe pumice, exfoliating block (rough surfaced or absorbent materials) shall be cleaned by manually brushing or other adequate methods to remove all visible debris after each use, and then sprayed with Isopropyl or ethyl alcohol, an EPA-registered bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal disinfectant, or a or a high level chlorine bleach solution in accordance with this chapter. If a buffer block or porous nail file is exposed to broken skin (skin that is not intact) or unhealthy skin or nails, it must be discarded immediately after use in a trash receptacle.
(g) The following materials that are used during a manicure and pedicure shall be replaced with new or clean articles for each client: terry cloth towels, finger bowls and spatulas that contact skin or skin products from multi-use containers.

Source: Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation