KSAT Defenders investigate how city dollars benefit SA2020

Defenders answer ‘what does SA2020 do?'


SAN ANTONIO – Three years after Mayor Julian Castro introduced the idea of collective community goals for a better Alamo City, SA2020 is now a private nonprofit- one that receives contributions from the City of San Antonio.

In 2010, Castro unveiled the concept of citizens coming together to create a set of goals for San Antonio to achieve by the year 2020.

Roughly 5,500 people were part of numerous meetings in which the goals were drafted.

According to its website, SA2020 is "a community vision for the future of San Antonio. It is a list of goals created by the people of San Antonio in 2010 based on their collective vision for San Antonio in the year 2020."

But what does the nonprofit organization actually do?

"One of the things we do is call attention to the great things that are happening in San Antonio under the umbrella of the community's SA2020 goals," said SA2020 President & CEO, Darryl Byrd.

Under that ‘umbrella' are local groups, agencies and organizations- many that existed prior to SA2020- which are working toward achieving those community goals such as increasing voter turnout and reducing teen pregnancy, to name a few.

According to Byrd, the groups are now connected and collaborating through SA2020 as it tracks their progress.

Before SA2020, he says, that communication was not happening.

In 2012 and 2013, the city allocated $160,000 to pay the State Demographer to collect data from the groups and report it to SA2020.

The City of San Antonio administered the contract to which SA2020 was a third party.

In the city's 2014 budget, $100,000 is set aside for SA2020.

The nonprofit says that money is also for data collection, but next year it will be up to SA2020 to arrange that service instead than the city.

"Now we know which parts of San Antonio where teen pregnancy is persisting as an acute problem, where resources need to be invested like never before to actually drive some change," said Byrd.

City donations to nonprofits are not rare. More than $22 million in next year's budget will be donated to over 60 different nonprofits.

According to 2012 IRS records, Byrd makes roughly $153,000 annually. He was the only employee on the payroll when those records were filed.

He declined disclosing the salaries for the six other employees who have since been hired.

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