Group offering services to women veterans

Grace After Fire setting up Bexar County office


A new organization offering support services for women who have served in the military is now in Bexar County.

Grace After Fire offers programs to help the women cope with traumatic stress, sexual assault, depression or substance abuse related to their service.

"They never received the proper counseling, the proper resources, when they got out," said Army veteran Melissa McKennon. "Several of our veterans say, 'I wish this had been around' when they exited the military."

The help includes group discussions, allowing veterans to compare stories and heal together.

"Looking around you, making sure the sharp instruments are out of the way, never turning your back on the Iraqi detainees was kind of hard," said Army veteran Reyna Peterson. "And then going back to normal civilian life, having to be on guard all the time is kind of hard."

Peterson describes Grace After Fire as a sisterhood.

"We might not have worked in the same unit, in the same squad, but we know," she said.

The Texas Veterans Commission gave the organization a nearly $100,000 grant. 

Grace After Fire is looking for new members. You can contact them by clicking here.  If you'd like to volunteer with the group, click here.