Medina Lake at lowest levels in 100 years


Many parts of South and Central Texas are seeing plenty of rain, but the wet weather continues to miss Bandera County, keeping water levels low at Medina Lake.

At just 4 percent of capacity, the lake is the lowest it's been in its 100 year history.

"It's pretty sad," said Bryn Vanborg who lives near the lake. "I mean we used to have people out here all the time. (They would bring) their boats and do all that stuff, and not anymore."

Vanborg says the low water levels are causing visitors to stay away, causing lots of trouble for local businesses.

"There's been a few restaurants that opened up and shut down within four or five months," said Vanborg.

Water levels have had their ups and downs in the past. Locals believe it's only a matter of time before they get some rain.