Rogers Middle School uses Scrabble as teaching tool

Librarian: Students' academic skills improving since Scrabble club started

SAN ANTONIO – The librarian at San Antonio Independent School District's Rogers Middle School has made learning a bit more fun and competitive.

Jennifer Zinn heads up the school's Scrabble club.

"It's a great game that teaches (students) many skills," said Zinn.

Zinn got the idea from playing competitive scrabble for several years.

"I learned so much from Scrabble that I thought my kids would benefit from it, too," she said.

Her students seem on board with it, too.

"If you want to catch up on your spelling, we can play Scrabble in a fun and competitive way," said Frank Martinez, a Rogers sixth-grader.

Zinn started the club two years ago and has seen an increase in several different skills among her students. 

They meet every morning before school and then again at lunch.

"Their vocabulary has increased, (as did) their strategy and their math skills and they are having a blast with it," Zinn said.

"It's like a learning game," said Domonico Aguero, a Rogers sixth-grader. "It's fun (and) competitive."

Not only have their skills increased, but there is also another benefit to the club: "The library is the cool place to hang out now,"  Zinn said.

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