City Councilman wants San Antonio to ban single-use bags

Councilman Cris Medina says he wants to save taxpayers money, reduce litter


City Councilman Cris Medina wants to save taxpayers money and reduce the litter in the city. On Tuesday, Medina filed an environmental policy proposal that would ban single-use bags.

The move would save the city more than a million dollars a year in clean-up costs.

"Last year the city alone paid out in taxpayer money about $1.3 million dollars to clean up these bags," said Medina. "They're an eye sore, they clog up our infrastructure and I think that it's time that we move towards working to ban the plastic bags here in San Antonio."

People KSAT-12 spoke to in his district fully support Medina. District 7 Constituent Nancy Alvarez and her friend work out every night around Woodlawn Lake. They're tired of seeing the trash and having to pick up after people.

"We do see trash and it's a beautiful park, and there's a lot of kids and people here to enjoy it, and I think it would be a lot nicer if there wasn't so much trash around," said Alvarez.

Medina believes the city will follow other cities like Austin, San Diego and Seattle, where there is already a ban on single-use bags.

"I think we're ready as a city, and it's simply the right thing to do," said Medina.

In Medina's Council Consideration Request, he's asked the city council to take action within 90 days on the bag ban. He's also proposed that city council go paperless.

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