Dozens of couples get married on 11/12/13

73 marriages performed at Bexar County Courthouse Tuesday

A total of 73 couples were married at the Bexar County Courthouse on Tuesday, giving them the special wedding date of Nov. 12, 2013 -- which, numerically, is 11/12/13.

According to numerologists, the numbers "11" and "2" are intuitive numbers, which could mean good things for a couple's relationship.

"It's just fun. We were going to get married anyways, but today just happened to be a fun day to get married," said Olivia Besker, a bride who was among the dozens who tied the knot on Tuesday.          

Gerard Rickhoff, Bexar County clerk, said an average of 1,000 couples get married in Bexar County every month, so Tuesday was particularly busy.

"I personally don't believe in numerology," Rickhoff said. "But you know what the people have told me is they do believe in it. And they do come to the courthouse to get married on this significant day. It is 11/12/13 and it does mean something to people."

The next sequential calendar date, is Dec. 13, 2014, after which the pattern won't happen again until Jan. 2, 2103, some 90 years later.

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